A Note To Phil Garner

Lots of folks have been ragging on Trever Miller for putting men on base (via a walk after shaking off veteran catcher Brad Ausmus) so that when Albert came to bat against Chad Qualls he not only hit homerun #25, but also brought two other runs in with him.

Seems to me their beef should be with you.

You see, as a knowledgeable baseball person, the question I’ve been asking (with a semi-smirked sigh of relief) is Why-Oh-Why did Miller come in at all?

The St. Louis-Houston matchup isn’t a new one. No, we have a fairly storied history together, especially of late. So you should know: We (the Cardinals) have the worst time with Roy Oswalt. He stymies us every time. We can hit Qualls, as you know. We can hit Lidge, as you know. Today we hit Miller, as you know. And we have far less trouble with Pettitte and Clemens than we do with Oswalt… as you know.

Seriously, we go into an Oswalt game hoping to be able to keep the game close– within one or two runs– and then pray for an early departure so we can get our bats going on whoever (as in, ANYBODY) else is willing to take the mound against us. And tonight our hopes came to fruition without flaw.

Hey, Dummy. You played right into our hands. And you should know better.

Honestly, are you trying to tell me that Roy can’t pitch past 90 pitches effectively? He was keeping us at bay (as in no action from Pujols, the only time Rolen saw the base paths was via the sole walk RO granted, and induced two double plays) yet you pulled him at 91 pitches… after only six innings on the mound. (We let Jason Marquis toss 106 to get him into the seventh inning, and he was trailing by a run! Maybe our guy is tougher than your guy.)

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it… and was so happy about the exchange that I got up and did a "We’re Going To Win" jig in my living room because that gave us three full innings to swing away at the expense of somebody who wasn’t Roy Oswalt, the bane of our Texas Connection.

Which, by the way, we did. And we got three runs in the process.

I hate to give away our secrets, but anyone with a couple years worth of box scores will tell you: The Cardinals (including the mighty Albert Pujols) have blind bats when Roy Oswalt takes the mound. Long live Miller, Qualls, Lidge and anyone else not named Roy Oswalt.



  1. saulpanzer@gmail.com

    oswalt tweaked a hamstring hitting in the third inning and it got progressively worse throughout the game.

  2. Mollie

    A tweaked hamstring is the only viable reason Phil Garner has for pulling Oswalt. He better stick with that story, even if it’s not true.

    As for you, Ecastella: Be Nice. No self-respecting baseball fan would wish injury on any player, friend or foe. Anyone close to baseball knows that an injury-shortened careeer is the saddest one of all.

    (This is my blog so I get to be as self-righteous as I want.)


  3. Kevin


    I love your blog. Thanks for the kind wishes, and keep putting up cool photos. I’ll see if I can add one of me, if you’d like.

    And I had a feeling when Qualls came in that Albert would find his pitch to hit. He did, and end of story. Until today. Can’t wait to see what Anthony does tonight!



  4. Lisa


    I truly believe Garner would NOT have pulled Roy if they hadn’t thought an injury was absolutely imminent. The bullpen was overextended and exhausted, and Roy appeared to be cruising. I do sometimes think Garner is guilty of over-managing, but I’m certain this wasn’t one of those cases. I’m sure he was cringing to pull Roy in this situation. I’ve seen Roy throw 130 pitches before…

    I enjoy your blog. And your vocabulary list. I learned stuff. Thanks!



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