I just don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about the lack of progress Mark Mulder has made in his "rehab" stint. I find it very hard to believe that I’m the only one who knew he wouldn’t be ready for a return. As I’ve written and spoken about a million times, his arm needs months and months of rest. When a guy has a dead arm it needs to be left alone to find its own way back. It’s the body’s way of telling a person that it’s over-taxed an unable to keep up. Believe me, that same body will also let a person know when it’s ready to return to action.

His current state of affairs doesn’t mean his career is over. I refuse to believe he’s "done." But I can’t emphasise enough that folks need to lay off the pressure for a comeback. If he keeps at it the way he has since going on the DL, he really is going to hurt himself, possibly irreparably, and then, consequently, put a major dent in our team.

If he would just leave his arm alone from here until next season (hopefully not any longer), it will have a much greater possibility for recovery and revival. But it needs to be able to do so on its own schedule and terms. Continually throwing and exercising will not help the natural process, it will only hinder it.

I wish those knee-jerk yahoos in the clubhouse would just leave him be. We’ve already set the lowest standard possible for this season so why rush to make him a part of it? We’re gonna need him for our resurgence next year.

This thing that has happened to Mark is unfortunate, but it is not a tragedy. It can remedy itself (if we let it). For crying out loud, I wish people would quit acting like he was Obe Wan Kanobi (aka: Our Only Hope at making progress this season).

Just accept the fact that he’s out for the season and start looking forward to seeing him back on the field next season.

(I know, I know. I’ve written some version of this very same thing a thousand times– beginning May 29. But I can’t understand why I continue to read and hear from folks who, last week, couldn’t wait to rush Mark back to the mound and thought his first outing was encouraging and then, as of today’s performance, are convinced his pitching days are over. So, I figured maybe I needed to say something again.

He’s got a dead arm. Leave him alone. There’s a strong chance he’ll be raring to go next season.



  1. Bruce

    You’re not the only one who thinks like that, and I think the club will realize it after he gets shelled in his first start off the DL.

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