Playing Cards

When playing Black Jack there are times when you take a gamble on whether or not to hit or to stay based on what you think the next card turned from the chute might be. Often you have to wait until the next hand to see what the decisive card woulda, coulda, shoulda been.

Well that’s how I went into Chris Duncan’s first at-bat today. Still stinging from TLRs unfathomable decision to pinch hit Juan Encarnacion in Dunc’s stead when the bases were loaded with only one out in the 9th inning of yesterday’s game, I couldn’t help but wonder what Chris’ next plate appearance would have held for us had he stayed in the game.

A homerun.

So, hypothetically, Chris would have hit a grand slam had he been allowed to hit in the 9th of yesterday’s game… And the Cardinals would have won their second consecutive game against the Cubs. Jorge Sosa would have gotten the Win and Jason Isringhausen would have earned the Save, without having to worry about blowing it (or Losing it, for that matter) in a subsequent inning of service. Uggh.

Ahh, but we all know it doesn’t work that way in baseball. I just could help speculating, though. (And for a split second of searing pain, I couldn’t help being irritated with Tony yet again over that inexplicable move.)

***Adding salt to the wound, when asked about his decision-making process that led to possibly the worst tactical error of the game, LaRussa was quoted as saying:

"If Chris doesn’t produce in that situation, I’m mad at myself. If Juan doesn’t produce in that situation, then I’m mad at Juan."

Hmmm. I wonder how it feels to play for a guy who clearly would rather not show faith in you so that he can blame another player if things don’t work out, as opposed to giving you a deserved opportunity that you have earned, so that he won’t have to shoulder the responsibility if things should go awry?



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