Give Us Something To Rally Around

Come on Jason!

I really really want Marquis to pitch well tomorrow. I put a lot of stock in his performances and feel that tomorrow’s outing can be a turning point for us if he fares well. He’s got it in him and I’m really pulling for him.

Now, I realize that I have more faith in him than some the other folks who blog here, but I can’t help get a good feeling knowing that he’s taking the mound tomorrow. Every time it’s his turn to pitch I see our glass half full. In my mind, he’s more capable of pulling out a win than most of our other options. And I always look forward to his outings because, despite his random implosions, I know there’s a shutout or a complete game or a no-no lurking in that arm somewhere and I always love the battle he brings to the field in search of that promised land.

Granted, this time around there are a few factors brewing that will either act as catalysts or deterants:

1. Jason’s birthday was Monday. He turned 28.

2. He and his wife welcomed their second child into the world on Monday– which, you’ll note, was also his birthday.

3. He’s on his home turf. There will be family and friends crammed into every nook and cranny.

I hope Jason embraces these external influences and finds a way to garner strength from them and then molds them into a much-needed win for the Cardinals. At a time when our pitching staff is our weakest link, I’d love for him to bear down and burn down batters like matchsticks… in honor of his brand new son, maybe.

So join with me in having faith in Marquis and hopefully he’ll give us reason to believe. (After all, the good mojo can only help matters.) Besides, I could really use something to cheer about. And it may as well be a victory at the hands of Jason Marquis.

P.S. Thank goodness Cinci lost today. We’re still one game up.


One comment

  1. Kevin

    So much for the new father pitching well, huh?

    I’m back on the Suppan bandwagon, and forever off of the Marquis gravy train.

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