It’s A Win-Win Situation

Attaway, Birds! Just when I was grumbling that we had left Supe in the game too long, the Brewers went and exchanged one waning pitcher for another. And as it turned out, Shouse really wanted us to pull out today’s game. How generous and what excellent timing! (OK. Jokes aside, the boys did really well at capitalizing on mistakes in the zone (and out, as in the case of Juan garnering a basesloading walk) and working to just get on base in the 8th. The stage was perfectly set for Spiezio who delivered in the clutch. Now THAT’S Cardinals baseball.)

So now, we’ve done what we needed to do today and so the rest is up to Atlanta. I’m not going to grease their wheels by saying it is a mutually advantageous event should they beat the Astros tonight, because, well, the truth is, as far as we’re concerned, it’s clearly a we’ll scratch our backs if you’ll scratch our backs, too, kind of situation.

But, if I know the Braves, there is that little matter of personal pride. This is the first season in quite some time that they are not scheduled for the post season. So I’m hoping for a little spite-laced play from the Bravos this evening. You know, I want them to go up against Houston with a "If we’re going down, we’re taking you with us" mentality.

So that being said… We’ve won our game, so, come on Hotlanta, how ’bout winning yours.




    Astros also would have to go through Smoltzie in the Turner finale. I have learned to never think anything is a lock, though. The last time I thought something was in the bag, we were leaving FLA in 2003 to go back to Wrigley with Prior/Wood lined up to go 6 and (if necessary) 7. Never again! Hi Mol!



    well first of all,since i am not a band wagon fan i still can happen go stros,what a nightmare if you guys have to face roy on tuesday here in houston. we have alot of respect for your team(which is why i could not understand why the fans here boooed wilson? that guy did nothing wrong in my opinion,but anyway iffffffff the cards do advance be prepared to have your heart ripped out. i mean come on your playing the brewers.that is the same reason i did not celebrate to much when we swept the pirates.can you imagine if your team ends up locking horns with the twins or the tigers yikes!!!!!!!!!

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