Going Thru The Big D (and I don’t mean Dallas)

Just a few notes before I sign off for what could be the remainder of the World Series.

I dont’ care what’s been said about Detroit’s bullpen, they are the key to our success. Once we infiltrate those Tiger relievers it’s going to be all over for the Motor City Felines. We scored four runs in Game 1 off of their highly touted relief corps and Game 2 almost saw us make the biggest comeback of World Series history against their closer. Getting to their bullpen is going to be key for us.

Despite the loss, tonight was a good game. We hit the ball hard and all over the field. It’s just that sometimes they fall in and sometimes they fall on a fielder. Well, suffice it to say that if our offense had been target practicing, we’d be ranked sharp-shooters for all the fielders we hit.

I hope, for our own sake, that Juan Encarnacion gets to watch a few games as opposed to play in them. He’ll enjoy the games a lot more and fewer flyballs will rattle around in the void he creates out in right field. Plus, he’s been hitting like a junior high kid: wailing at the ball, pulling his head, whipping his body around with the errant speed of his bat because he has no foundation underneath him… Whatever, just give someone else a chance to do better.

Leave Kenny Rogers alone about the "foreign substance" on his pitching hand. He was dominant for the next seven innings without it. For all I know, maybe he should have kept it on. That way, maybe our hits, in turn, would have had some crazy movement on them as they took to the field and we’d have gotten a few more guys on base.

Tonight our defense carried us. Man, our boys dug in and battled. That goes for Jeff Weaver, too. That bases loaded, no outs prize fight was just awesome. The key there was that strike out for out number one. That meant everything and Jeff went out and got it. His efforts have been A-One and he’s really made us proud. We turned a couple of much-needed double plays out there, too, to help support Weaver in his battle to keep us afloat. That diving stop by Eckstein and subsequent throw to first was terrific. We bounced back well and kept our heads in the game when things weren’t going our way. All-in-all, I go away from Game 2, sorry about the loss, but satisfied with our level of play. I feel good about the road we’re on.

Carpenter at home, Supe in Game 4… who doesn’t like the sound of that? (Besides the Tigers, of course.)

We can do this. So let’s get it done. Go Cardinals!


  1. yopappy@hotmail.com

    Out of all the different Blogs out there, I find yours about the most enjoyable! Thanl you for your insight and positive attude. yopappy

  2. yopappy@hotmail.com

    Out of all the different Blogs out there, I find yours about the most enjoyable! Thank you for your insight and positive attude. yopappy

  3. librarymonkey27@yahoo.com

    I love the sound of it. The Tigers are back on track and Carp is no longer the pitcher every one dreams him to be.

    I have one fear, I am a little nervous about the relievers you don’t fear….zooom zooom has been sitting around…. he will have the HEAT going, just hope he can control it. No one is taking Robertson seriously, because of his record — tonight school will be in session.


  4. librarymonkey27@yahoo.com

    Well well
    I was wrong, Carp was amazing. You have a big game pitcher there.


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