About turntwo

Welcome! I’m a born & bred Cardinals fan
and this is my baseball story… My Dad was born in Fulton,
Missouri, west of St. Louis, and he grew up playing baseball
under the influence of his idol Stan Musial. And when, as a
pre-teen, he and his family moved to Colorado, the Redbird
Spirit came with them, thanks to KMOX and the influx of
televised games. So, some 15 (or so) years later, when my
brother Hank and I were born in Columbia, Missouri (where my
dad was the acting pitching coach for Mizzou, after his
professional career had been cut short by injury) it was the
sublime intervention of paternity and God up above that we
should be Cardinals fans too. And when I was eight-years old
and MY family moved to Colorado, (this cycle seemingly
becoming a rite of passage for the Stallman clan) the Redbird
Spirit had no choice but to follow us as well. I have spent
my life in and around baseball fields. Daddy coached all
through my youth, my brother pitched his way through college,
my high school sweetheart was a first baseman and one of my
many roommates in college was a pitcher. I’ve sat in a dugout
next to my father’s hero Stan Musial and talked baseball with
him. I’ve matched wits with Rick Sutcliffe in a mid-Missouri
bar. I go to Spring Training every year by myself. (****, I
go to most baseball games by myself because I can’t stand to
split my attention.) And it is my goal, one day, to start a
Baseball Academy (boarding school) for 13-to 19-year olds
with the intention of getting those students into college on
baseball scholarships. For now, I work in film production as
a non-union Assistant Director and Production Assistant. I’ve
worked on such films as “Coyote Ugly,” “The Fast & The
Furious,” “Terminator 3,” “Master & Commander: Far Side
of the World” and “Skeleton Key” to name a few. Sadly,
throughout my movie-making career I’ve only worked on one
baseball movie: the remake of “The Bad News Bears.” My
baseball blogs, which were once reserved only for a certain
circle of friends, chronicle the season as I see it. They
follow the Cardinals as the season unfolds before MY eyes.
And, as such, the blogs are filled with peripheral subjects
such as the films I’m working on, life with my brother (aka
my roommate), personal adventures, etc. Please forgive me
these indugences. Additionally, it must be noted, that I am
not a statistician. It may be the one trait that separates me
from most other baseball enthusiasts. I have very little
interest– or use, for that matter– for the mathematics of
baseball number crunchers. I’m a savvy enough person to know
a good player when I see one. If you can’t tell who’s worth
his salt by watching him play, then you don’t know much about
baseball. That’s my opinion, anyway. Keep your percentages to
yourself and just watch the game. SO, if ever I throw a
number into one of my entries (which I do from time to time
to prove some sort of point) you can almost be guaranteed
that, though it may be close, it’s probably wrong. And for
that inconvenience, I appologize in advance. Other than that,
enjoy! Feel free to mock, discuss, extrapolate, encourage,
and respond. All Cardinals fans and Cubs haters will receive
special attention. Get dirty, Play hard, Swing Easy.