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Collision Course

A UC Irvine player is down after colliding with the MU 1st baseman, Derek Chambers.

Though the runner was initially called Safe– because the collision knocked the ball out of the baseman’s glove– the decision was eventually overturned, declaring the runner Out. (Apparently there has been new collegiate legislation declaring avoidable baserunning collisions illegal… or something like that.)

It should be noted that the UCI player fared far worse than the MU fielder. It seems Derek’s only misery was losing the ball. That didn’t seem to be the case for the ailing Anteater.

Oh. And No.9? That’s MU Head Coach Tim Jamieson.

Meeting Of The Minds

Catcher J.C. Field chats with starting pitcher Nathan Culp on the mound.

They had plenty of time to talk because a controversial play was being bantered about over at first base where a UC Irvine runner had collided with the MU 1st baseman, Derek Chambers, knocking the ball from his glove. While the UCI player was on the ground and being tended to by trainers as he recovered from the self-induced impact, the umpires heard complaints from the MU quarter regarding new collegiate rulings about avoidable collisions, conferred amonst themselves and then reversed their initial decision, ultimately calling the runner Out at first.

Who knows what these two are talking about.