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Take It & Leave It

So Taguchi takes Ball One on an outside pitch during his 9th inning at-bat against the Dodgers in Game Three of the LA series. 7.23.06

So had replaced left fielder Chris Duncan in the 7th inning. This was his one and only at-bat of the game– not to mention his one and only at-bat of the series.

Fighting ‘Em Off

So Taguchi fouls another one off during his only plate appearance of the Dodger series in LA. 7.23.06

Talk about making the most of your opportunity… especially after riding the pine for three days straight!

Get It Started

Scott Rolen initiates his swing during second at-bat (in the 4th inning) of Game Three against the Dodgers in LA. 7.23.06

Part of Scott’s on-deck ritual has always been to take his customary wide stance, settle into it and then take a few meaningful hacks. But this time around I saw him do something new. After taking a couple healthy swings he measured off his stance with his bat. It appears he’s trying to set his footing one (or so) bat-length apart. I’ve never seen him do that before and I think this is a change for him… which has me wondering: Could this be the cause (or the attempt at a cure) for his recent offensive difficulties?