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Scott Rolen swings for a strike in his at-bat of the 5th inning as Aaron Miles takes a secondary lead from 3rd base. 7.23.06

In case you’ve lost count, the bases have been loaded for the second time this inning with Miles stationed at 3rd, Chris Duncan at 2nd and Albert Pujols at 3rd.

You’re Grounded!

Scott Rolen grounds into an inning-ending Double Play to finish off the Cardinals’ half of the first inning in Game Three of the Dodgers series in LA. 7.23.06

This grounder wound its way through a 6-3 Double Play nabbing Albert Pujols at 2nd base and Rolen at 1st. (Leadoff runner Chris Duncan was stranded rounding 3rd.)


Scott Rolen checks his swing on an outside pitch during his first at-bat against the Dodgers in Game Three of the LA series. 7.23.06

Before grounding into a double play, Scott worked the count to 2-2 after seeing seven pitches from Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley, fouling off four of them. Billingsley threw 24 pitches to the Cardinals in that first inning.

Swing Time

Scott Rolen’s follow thru after fouling one off in his second at-bat of Game Three against the Dodgers in the LA series. 7.23.06

Scottie has really been grinding through his at-bats lately. He’s made a lot of contact but just isn’t getting the hits. It seems he’s been muscling a lot of grounders or lining out to fielders who don’t have to go far to catch his hits. Either he’s somehow managing to hit everything off the “dead” part of the bat or something’s amiss with his stroke.

In this particular at-bat, Rolen fouled off two before flying out to left field. He would eventually go 2-for-4 in this game.

It’s Gonna Be A Hit

With Aaron Miles charging from 3rd, Scott Rolen is about to hit a bases-loaded single into the left field during a Cardinals charge in the fifth inning of Game Three of the Dodgers series in LA. 7.23.06

When the Dodgers opted to intentionally walk Albert Pujols during the previous at-bat, I’m certain they were acting on his season-long clout as a fearsome hitter and on Scott’s series record of 1-for-10 coming into this at-bat. So I’ll bet they were really disappointed when he knocked out a 2-RBI single with a line drive to left field.

P.S. This photo ranks way up there in the race for my favorite picture of this album.