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Waiting For Autographs

There’s only one other team that I’ve seen such a turn out for… The St. Louis Cardinals.

I really enjoyed being at Fenway for batting practice because it was already bustling with people donning their red and blue. Despite the names on their jersey’s, it really did feel like home.

Not To Brag Or Anything…

Needless to say, we had Awesome seats! Ours were next to the on-deck circle, two rows back, one box away from the Red Sox dugout. The row in front of us actually had TV screens… as if they would have trouble following the game as it is.

Hey, Affleck! Aren’t these your seats?

And Everything Was Golden…

The fading sun on the outfield bleachers was really beautiful. It was what photographers call “Magic Hour,” when everything lit by the sun’s last rays turns golden. Sadly, my feeble little digital camera didn’t do the moment justice… but it tried.

And I can’t help but be smugly satisfied in the fact that both Wrigley and Fenway have HUGE Budweiser signs adorning their fields. It just goes to show that St. Louis knows how to make everyone happy… even if it’s intoxicatingly so. haha.

In Motion

Being a catcher certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here, Natioanls Short Stop Royce Clayton has set his swing in motion. In order to hit a ball that’s coming at him faster than most cars drive on the highway, he will generate something akin to his weight in force with the bat. Then, using excellent hand-eye coordination, the two moving masses will collide somewhere over the plate, causing such a distruption that the ball will, for a milli-fraction of a second, stop in mid air, change directions and then, with equal but opposite force, be catapulted away from the point of contact. (A rudimentary, not entirely correct, review of basic physics for ya there, folks.) But, if Royce’s speeding bat doesn’t make contact with the speeding ball, the bat will continues on its course and the ball will continue on its course.

Which leads to me to the whole point of this diatribe. All that potentially lethal speed and force is swirling just feet away from catcher Jason Varitek and yet, as you can see in this picture, he sits at his post, perfectly still, with his arm out- stretched, possibly in the path of Clayton’s bat and certainly in the path of the on-coming baseball. Talk about gutsy. (And this is the “easy” part of his job!)

The Rally Cap

So much for dignified baseball. haha

This guy and his pals sat a few rows back and didn’t have to work too hard to be the life of the party. He showed up wearing this ridiculous red and blue Boston baseball cap made from balloons. And, as you can see, he wore it with pride. That is, of course, until the game started when everyone around him begged him to take it off. (I guess it was obstructing the view from their insanely expensive seats.) At which point the new objective became devising ways to keep the thing in our section– dubbing it the Rally Cap helped put a positive spin on the monstrosity– without having it taken away or popped by some sourpuss.

(How he talked someone in to making it for him, I can only guess, but the fact that some children’s entertainer knew how to devise such a thing is what really gets me. You have to think, this isn’t the first one he’s made…)