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Waiting For Autographs

There’s only one other team that I’ve seen such a turn out for… The St. Louis Cardinals.

I really enjoyed being at Fenway for batting practice because it was already bustling with people donning their red and blue. Despite the names on their jersey’s, it really did feel like home.


And Everything Was Golden…

The fading sun on the outfield bleachers was really beautiful. It was what photographers call “Magic Hour,” when everything lit by the sun’s last rays turns golden. Sadly, my feeble little digital camera didn’t do the moment justice… but it tried.

And I can’t help but be smugly satisfied in the fact that both Wrigley and Fenway have HUGE Budweiser signs adorning their fields. It just goes to show that St. Louis knows how to make everyone happy… even if it’s intoxicatingly so. haha.